How Long Does NSFAS Fund You in 2024?

However, students often wonder how long NSFAS will fund their studies and what factors influence the funding duration. In this article, we will explore all the essential aspects of NSFAS funding and How Long Does NSFAS Fund You to support.

How Long Does NSFAS Fund You?

NSFAS does not have a time range attached. Bursaries are awarded only if the funds available to students in the year of application are sufficient to cover the course’s cost and the amount required by the institution.

NSFAS can fund you for the entire duration of your studies, typically up to N+2 years. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Standard Duration: NSFAS will support you for the standard length of your course (usually 3-4 years), as long as you meet academic progress requirements .
  • N+2 Rule: This limits total funding to the standard duration (N) plus an additional two years (2). So, if your degree normally takes 3 years, NSFAS could fund you for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Academic Progress: To keep getting funded after your first year, you’ll need to maintain good grades and pass your courses

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How Many Times Does NSFAS Fund Students?

Funding is only available to students who have been accepted into an institution, according to NSFAS rules. 

You will receive funding once your application has been approved. There is no funding available for more than one program at a time through NSFAS. Must check Courses Funded By NSFAS.

How Do I Know If NSFAS No Longer Funds Me?

The NSFAS will not simply discontinue providing you with a bursary if you are a beneficiary. It is not possible to nullify the benefits you receive unless there is a valid reason for doing so. If you fail to meet NSFAS’ academic requirements, you will not receive funding for your education. In other words, you must receive a minimum grade of 50% in your courses. NSFAS no longer considers you a beneficiary once you visit the MYNSFAS portal to check your application status.

You can find all the information about NSFAS funds here. It will be determined then if you are eligible for the program. 

Deferring your studies for an entire academic year will result in your education no longer being funded by NSFAS. To continue receiving benefits from the scheme, reapply when ready to retake the course.

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Can NSFAS Fund You for More Than 5 Years?

There is a maximum five-year period in which NSFAS aid can be received. There will be a charge for additional courses beyond five years. However, after completing a degree or earning a qualification, the N+2 rule requires rereading other courses and modules.

In the event that you achieve a degree within three or four years, you will receive a bursary from NSFAS for the next two years. You will be supported for an additional two years by NSFAS if you need to repeat a course or module. This scheme is only available to students who’ve enrolled in a course of study at the institution for at least two years.

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How long does NSFAS fund you for undergraduate studies?

Undergraduate studies can be funded through NSFAS for up to a certain number of years.

How long does NSFAS fund you for postgraduate studies?

NSFAS funding is limited to two and three years for master’s and doctoral degrees, respectively.

Can I apply for NSFAS funding if I am studying at a private institution?

No, only students studying at public universities or TVET colleges are eligible for NSFAS funding.

What happens if I fail a year or repeat a course?

If you fail or need to repeat a course, you may be eligible for funding for another year from NSFAS.

What are the consequences of not repaying NSFAS loans?

Students who fail to repay their student loans may be listed on credit bureaus, which may make it more difficult for them to access credit. Government repercussions may also apply to students who do not repay their loans.

You can expect your NSFAS allowances to be disbursed within the initial week of every month, spanning a duration of 10 months. You may enjoy reading NSFAS Payment Schedule

How long does NSFAS fund you for postgraduate studies?

NSFAS funding is limited to two and three years for master’s and doctoral degrees, respectively.

In 2024, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) continues to provide essential funding to eligible South African students pursuing higher education. The duration of NSFAS funding typically covers the minimum duration of the course plus an additional year, allowing for some academic flexibility.

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