List of Courses Funded By NSFAS 2024

Starting your path to higher education can be tricky when money is tight, but don’t worry! In 2024, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is here to help South African students like you. NSFAS is like a superhero for education because it gives money to students who might not have a lot. This article is like a treasure map showing you all the courses that NSFAS is helping with in 2024. Let’s dig deep into how NSFAS is making education possible for lots of people. Get ready to explore the exciting ‘List of Courses Funded By NSFAS 2024’ and find out about all the cool opportunities waiting for you this year. It’s like a key to unlock your dreams of going to college!

List of Courses Funded By NSFAS 2024

Check out all the cool courses funded by NSFAS in 2024! You can find different types of studies with special codes, making it super easy for you to explore the awesome world of higher education.

Field of Study Code
Adult Learning NSFAS2201
Building Construction NSFAS2202
Civil Engineering Construction NSFAS2203
Cleaning, Domestic, Hiring, Property and Rescue Services NSFAS2204
Communication Studies NSFAS2205
Consumer Services NSFAS2206
Cultural Studies NSFAS2207
Curative Health NSFAS2208
Design Studies NSFAS2209
Drawing Office Practice NSFAS2210
Early Childhood Development NSFAS2211
Earth and Space Sciences NSFAS2212
Electrical Infrastructure Construction NSFAS2213
Engineering and Related Design NSFAS2214
Environmental Relations NSFAS2215
Environmental Sciences NSFAS2216
Fabrication and Extraction NSFAS2217
Film Television and Video NSFAS2218
Finance, Economics and Accounting NSFAS2219
Forestry and Wood Technology NSFAS2220
General Social Science NSFAS2221
Generic NSFAS2222
Generic Management NSFAS2223
Higher Education and Training NSFAS2224
Horticulture NSFAS2225
Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Gaming and Leisure NSFAS2226
Human Resources NSFAS2227
Industrial & Organizational Governance and HR Development NSFAS2228
Information Studies NSFAS2229
Information Technology and Computer Sciences NSFAS2230
Justice in Society NSFAS2231
Language NSFAS2232
Life Sciences NSFAS2233
Literature NSFAS2234
Manufacturing and Assembly NSFAS2235
Marketing NSFAS2236
Mathematical Sciences NSFAS2237
Mechatronics NSFAS2238
Media Studies NSFAS2239
Music NSFAS2240
Nature Conservation NSFAS2241
Occupationally Directed ETD Practice NSFAS2242
Office Administration NSFAS2243
People/Human-Centered Development NSFAS2244
Performing Arts NSFAS2245
Personal Care NSFAS2246
Physical Planning, Design and Management NSFAS2247
Physical Sciences NSFAS2248
Preventive Health NSFAS2249
Primary Agriculture NSFAS2250
Process Instrumentation NSFAS2251
Process Plant Operations NSFAS2252
Procurement NSFAS2253
Project Management NSFAS2254
Promotive Health and Developmental Services NSFAS2255
Psychology NSFAS2256
Public Administration NSFAS2257
Public Policy, Politics and Democratic Citizenship NSFAS2258
Public Relations NSFAS2259
Rehabilitative Health/Services NSFAS2260
Religious and Ethical Foundations of Society NSFAS2261
Rural and Agrarian Studies NSFAS2262
Safety in Society NSFAS2263
Schooling NSFAS2264
Secondary Agriculture NSFAS2265
Sovereignty of the State NSFAS2266
Sport NSFAS2267
Traditions, History and Legacies NSFAS2268
Transport, Operations and Logistics NSFAS2269
Undefined NSFAS2270
Urban and Regional Studies NSFAS2271
Visual Arts NSFAS2272
Wholesale and Retail NSFAS2273

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Diversity in Fields of Study

NSFAS is awesome because it helps students in different subjects. It covers everything from cool Media Studies (NSFAS2239) to hands-on Civil Engineering Construction (NSFAS2203). It doesn’t matter if you love art, science, tech, or social sciences – NSFAS makes sure you can follow your dreams, no matter how big they are. Read about NSFAS Balance Check Online.

List of Courses Funded By NSFAS 2024

Also, check the procedure of How to Cancel NSFAS Application.

To sum up, the List of Courses Funded By NSFAS 2024 shows that NSFAS is dedicated to helping students in many different subjects. Whether you’re into exciting Media Studies or practical Civil Engineering Construction, NSFAS makes sure students who love art, science, tech, or social sciences can get the money they need to follow their educational dreams. This list proves that NSFAS is committed to making education available and helping students reach their goals in 2024 and the future.

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